Question of the Day

How many times have you purchased a chart a second time without realizing it until it was too late?

I have done it at least 5 times now. The scary thing is that just after Christmas I purchased a couple of charts at my LNS and when I was there again a couple of weeks ago I almost bought them again. (The only thing stopping me was that I decided that I had enough charts to last me more than a lifetime and chose only to buy fabric and threads that day.) If I can't remember what I bought within a 6-week time span, how am I suppose to remember after a year or more. It is not like I haven't tried. I started notebooks, made lists on my computer and even tried a couple of stash organization programs. My biggest problem is that I quickly lose interest in trying to keep these lists up - takes away from stitching time. Maybe once I am retire, I will be more incline to spare the time to become better organized.

Oh well, at least when I want to do a give away (whether here or on the MBs I visit), I have something to give. I get some satisfaction in knowing that my forgetfulness can send a little joy into a fellow stitcher's life.

Take care & happy Stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Don't forget to enter my current give-away here. (Which of course, includes another duplicated chart.)

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