Another One Done!!!

Well, I finally finished another project from the 2011 Crazy January Challenge.

Ornament of the Month, "Under the Tree" ADU-19, Copyright 2010
Little House Needleworks

So, that is 6 done out of 15.   As you probably noticed I am easily distracted by new projects, especially mystery SALs, so I haven't been working on the Crazy January projects very much in the past few months.   However, between now and Dec. 31st I am going to try and focus on them a bit more and hopefully will be finish a few more.

This one won't qualified for the Christmas Ornament Challenge 2011 since I started back in January, but it is another for my Christmas Basket (the one I pass around Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for the family to chose an ornament from).   I have completed 9 and need at least 4 more.

Well, I am going to do some more stitching!!!     Hope you are all having a great weekend.  I'll be back tomorrow, if not sooner.

Take care and happy stitching!!!!!



  1. Cute finish! Love the passing the basket idea!

  2. Congrats on the FINISHED Finish! It's so hard to stick to the 15 chosen in January when so many new and great patterns come out!

  3. NICE!! I too like the passing the basket idea :)

  4. Very nice. Congratulations on another finish from your Crazy Challenge list. New projects are also my downfall but I don't mind. The new projects are just as much fun to stitch as the old starts, lol.

  5. Congrats on another CJC finish. I am going to steal your idea of a basket of ornaments. I have tons that need to be sewn up and what a great idea to pass a basket around on Christmas for them to choose. Thank you.