Visited My MIL this evening!

We went to see her after work today. She has been moved to another hospital now for rehab. Her spirits are good but she ain't loving the hospital food and really wishes she could go home. The biggest stumbling block to that is that her home is a 2-story with the BDR and Main bath upstairs and the shower and laundry room in the basement. Until they feel she can handle it they aren't releasing her. It really is crappy that she has to go through this.

We stopped at Tim Hortons for a sandwich, so when we got home I didn't need to make any supper and was able to get a little bit of stitching time in. I worked on the Merry Moose this evening.

I love the Mill Hill Beaded Ornament kits.  They are such a quick stitch and look great when they are finished.

Hope you are doing well.  Happy stitching!!!!!



  1. Hope your mil is allowed home soon. Great new start.

  2. Glad your MIL is doing well. Perhaps you can sneek her some good food!
    The moose is lookin' good!

  3. So sorry your mom has to stay in the hospital longer, Loretta. Hope she recovers soon and get to go home.