I'm so excited!

In August of 2010 I finished stitching this design of Twas the Night Before Christmas (Little Old Me Designs)

My thought was to make it into a wall hanging but I needed to find the right fabric for the backing. After several months of searching I finally found it on Esty but the background was in green and I wanted blue. I did some further searching on the site and eventually found the very same fabric with a blue background. It is called Dash Away All by Alexander Henry Fabrics. I think it is absolutely perfect.

But I sure had a long wait before the fabric was in my hot little hands.  I ordered the fabric on October 23rd.  It was mailed (first class) on October 24th (the cancellation stamp verifies this) and it arrived in my mailbox today - six weeks later.   Normally anything mailed to me from the States takes at the most 2 weeks - sometimes 3.  The only time something took over a month was when the sender put the wrong Postal Code and the parcel went to another Province first.  I felt for sure that the fabric was lost for good.  It sure made my day to come home today and to see that it had finally arrived.

Before I sign off for the evening, I want to remind you to check out my Mini Giveaway for the 2010 PS Santa.   Check out yesterday's post for the details.

Take care and happy stitching!!!!



  1. What a gorgeous piece and the fabric is just perfect for it. I've not seen that chart before and I love it !

  2. It's great when things finally arrive. The fabric is Perfect for the design too.

  3. I love that chart, Loretta, and the fabbie you found is just perfect. I'm glad the package got there safe and sound. :)

  4. Your fabric is gorgeous. Glad it arrived eventually.

  5. I love this project. I haven't seen the pattern before. Please, please show the wall hanging finished. I am looking forward to following your blog.