Crazy January Challenge 2012 - Day Seven

Today I started the first of the Hearts of Canada kits from The Victoria Sampler that I had chosen to stitch during this current challenge. This one is Quebec

I have all the kits in the Hearts of Canada series plus the Canada and Germany (my parents birthplace) ones from the International Hearts series.  I stitched the Canada and Manitoba (my home province) kits  a few years back.

Once I have all the kits stitched I plan to make them into a wall hanging.

It is getting late and I should be getting to bed soon! Take care and happy stitching. And as always, thank you for dropping by for a visit.



  1. Great the International Hearts series.Do you have the Hearts of Russia kits?

  2. These are going to make a wonderful wallhanging! The only one I have up until now is the Canada heart. I'm not very good at specialty stitches so I've hesitated to buy any others.
    You've made a great start at yours!