Dallas, anyone?

While stitching on BBD's "It's Berry Time" this evening I decided to watch the new Dallas series and found myself actually enjoying it.  I was a fan when the original series aired but my interest did start to wane near the end of its run.  It was kind of fun to see Bobby and old JR (what is up with his eyebrows) at it again.  (The younger generation aren't quite in their league yet.)

I seem to be back into my stitching groove again.  I finished my stitched piece for the Patriotic Exchange hosted by Stitched With Love Exchanges and for the past two evenings I worked on "It's Berry Time".   Here is my progress as of an hour ago.

Before I sign off I thought I would mention that The Victoria Sampler is discontinuing the Hearts of Canada ( and the Hearts of America) series.  They currently have the charts on sale.

Finally, is anyone else going to do the LK mystery sampler?  I am! I have to do at least one "mystery" a year and this one sounds very interesting.

Good Night and happy stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Lovely progress on Its Berry Time. Looking forward to seeing the new Dallas.

  2. Great progress on Berry Time, I like the color.
    I have signed up for the LK mystery:)

  3. I watched an hour of the new Dallas last night and enjoyed it! JR's eyebrows were very distracting - they looked like wings!

  4. When I first looked at the picture I thought it was red work. It looks good. x

  5. Lovely Stitches! I did watch Dallas. It seems to have some potential! I was so hoping that they would clean up Larry Hagman's eyebrows ~ but alas, they did not....

  6. I am currently watching old Dallas just now - love it, reminds me of being wee and watching it with my mum! They are airing the new Dallas here in Sept to looking forward to that.

  7. Hi Loretta!

    I've signed up for the LK mystery sampler as well. Who can resist a mystery???!!! Not I lol.

    It's too bad about the Hearts of Canada being discontinued :( I always admired your blog banner and would love to have stitched the series but do not have the money to buy all the kits at once :*( They are so unique aren't they. It is beyond difficult to get such lovely Canadian themed cross stitch charts!!!! At least online...