Holiday Update

We came into the city for the day to cut the grass, do some laundry, go to the library and do some grocery shopping.  I just had enough time to upload the following pictures for this post and now we are on our way back out to the trailer.

I finished my stitched piece for the Tea Party in a Garden Exchange and it is now on its way to my partner.

I also finished the 1st part of the L*K Mystery SAL and the bonus pattern.  Here are the results.

This is stitched on 30ct WDW lilac linen with WDW Kohl.

I still need to add the embellishments.  I managed to forget those at home but I have them now.  I like how this is looking so far.

The following is the progress on some of my other projects.

First, I started another LHN ornament - Deck the Halls.

It I finished the stitching and now am working on the beading on this Mill Hill Halloween ornament.

A few more stitches added to

Red Alphabet

It's Berry Time

Reading with Jane (The Sampler Girl)


and Hearts of Canada - New Brunswick.

No knitting this time around (maybe this week) but did do a bit of reading.

Emma - Jane Austen (audiobook) - I have been inspired by The Sampler Girl Jane Austen designs to read and reread her books.
The Lady of the Rivers - Philippa Gregory
Catering to Nobody - Diane Mott Davidson
Cream Puff Murder - Joanne Fluke (ebook)

That's for now.  Take care and happy stitching!!


  1. Love the "Hearts of Canada" series! I have a "Hearts of America - Michigan" design that I plan to stitch. I am planning to get all of them if I can. But that won't be for a while yet.

    You have quite a few cute pieces. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You have been busy!!! Loving the LK Mystery stitch...it is taking all I have not to order it!

    happy stitching...

  3. Wow Loretta!
    Your needle has been busy. I love the LK stitching. I need to get started on mine. Everything looks great. I also love your list of books! I can't wait to see your next update :)

  4. beautiful stitching..all of them are so lovely..
    hugs xxx

  5. Well you have certainly been busy. You're coming along real well with your stitched pieces.
    You have a great week.

  6. Goodness! You have been busy!

    I finished stitching the first part of the L*K mystery the other day, and I wasn't sure if I should post a picture. But, since you've already let the cat out of the bag, I guess I'll post my picture later today. ;)

  7. The Lizzie Kate pieces look great :)I can't wait to see part 2 of the mystery SAL.

  8. Wow, you have gotten a lot done!! Love the L*K Halloween piece!

  9. You are a busy bee, how do you find time to do all that sewing and reading. I suppose where there is a will there's a way.

  10. You've done lots of great stitching. The LK piece looks good. I also think the Red Alphabet looks gorgeous.

  11. Your needles must be smokin' hot! I love your halloween sal and the red alphabet looks great.

  12. beautiful stitching! great progress