Holidays are almost over :(

One more day and then it is back to work!  :(  Holidays are over!!! We came home a day early (yesterday) because I came down with a cold (What a way to end a perfectly glorious holiday - Just my luck!!!!) I really enjoyed this the past two weeks doing the things I love - spending time with my DH, cross-stitching and reading.

I managed to finish a four projects in the past few days:

 Pattern:  Red Alphabet
Designer: Sheepish Designs  
Fabric: 28ct linen (1 over 1)
Thread: Unknown (misplaced tag)

 Pattern:  Hearts of Canada - New Brunswick
Designer: The Victoria Sampler
Fabric: 28ct evenweave
Thread: DMC, Kreinik

Designer: The Sampler Girl 
Fabric: 40 ct linen (1 over 2)
Thread:  Soie d'alger

Pattern: Starlight Ghost
Designer: Mill Hill
Fabric: 28ct evenweave
Thread: DMC, Kreinik

I also worked on a couple of Christmas Ornaments and added a few more stitches on It's Berry Time.

Don't Peek by Little by Little Designs (JCS 2004 Special Christmas Issue)

Deck The Halls by Little House Needleworks
Even had time to had a little time to knit some more dishcloths.  I didn't press them yet so they are a little off kilter.

 Ramen Noodle Knitted Dishcloth - Little House in the Suburbs 
Pattern came be found under "Crafts - Knitting Patterns"

 Rippling Diag by Janet Nogle

Daimonds with Moss Cloth by Janet Nogle
I listened to 3 audiobooks while stitching and knitting:

Simple Genius - David Baldacci
Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen
Persuasion - Jane Austen

and read

The White Queen - Philippa Gregory

Well that was my holiday.   And outside of the cold (and now a bit of poison ivy - from the dog) it was everything I wanted it to be.

Take care and happy stitching!!!!!


  1. Beautiful finishes! Your WIPs are great too! :D


  2. i truly love all your wip's so much..sweet squares xx

  3. Beautiful finishes and wips Loretta.
    Glad you and your DH had such a nice holiday. I hope your cold clears up quickly.
    I have a few Baldacci books on my reading list, one of my favourite authors.

  4. Wow, it looks like you had a wonderful holiday. I am sorry that you came home with a cold :(
    What beautiful stitching and the dishcloths look great.
    Feel better soon!

  5. I find that it's always sad when fun vacations come to an end. Have to enjoy life period though.
    Look at all the beautiful finishes you were able to do while away! Good for you! Beautiful stitching. Beading and knitting. Way to go.

  6. Better to finish your holiday with a cold then start with one. What is poison ivy?

  7. Janet - Your right. If I was going to get a cold - the end was better than the beginning.

    Poison Ivy is a plant that has a substance in it that causes a very itchy rash when you come into contact with it. Some people (like my DH) don't get a reaction from it but I do. I try to avoid the plant but my dog runs free out at the trailer so she picks up the sap and I get it on me when I touch her. (After so many years of having a dog you would think I would learn - but I don't.)

  8. Lovely finishes and wips. I do hope you're feeling better!!

  9. Great progress you've been busy!