I love Saturday mornings!!!

I don't have to rush around getting ready for work. I can sit back and savour a cup or two of coffee and enjoy a leisurely and delicious breakfast (a mushroom, green onion, sweet pepper and cheese omelet with crispy bacon and toast today).

We are home this weekend and that is why I wasn't able to post my TUSAL update yesterday. We have tickets this weekend to a BBQ and Blues Festival being held in the city. (My DH is a BIG Blues fan) and we were there last night listening to a couple of great bands and we are going back later this afternoon (and again tomorrow) for some more good times.

With all the stitching and knitting I did while on holidays, I have quite a decent contribution to my jar this month.

I didn't get any stitching done this week (spending too much time playing Pioneer Trail on Facebook) and I am feeling the withdrawal pains,  especially since I won't get much done over the weekend.

Thank you all for visiting.  And thanks for all the lovely comments.  I really enjoy reading them.

Take care and happy stitching!!!



  1. I know what you mean about a morning not having to rush about and all. The coffee alone sounds good, but throw in all the rest and it is certainly a good morning.

    Ort jar is looking good. I forgot to post mine this month. I try hard, but just plain slips my mind.

    Looking forward to your next post.