TUSAL and Craft Camp

Late again with my TUSAL update (I will try to get back on track next month):

The jar is getting pretty full.  I am going to have to push the threads down again.

I spent the weekend at a Craft Camp.  It was an event organized by a friend and fellow Guider.  Our group included quilters, scrapbookers, cardmakers, knitters, crossstitchers and sewers (clothing).  We all gathered together at the Austin Circle Square Ranch and spent the weekend indulging in the crafts we love.

The place is a summer camp for children and youth that rents out to other groups during the off season.  As you can tell from my pictures it is set up like old western town.

This is the sleeping quarters. (Don't you think that there should be a row of horses rather than mini vans and SUVs.)

Here is where we were quite well fed.  Friday night's snack was fruit, cheese and cookies.  Saturday breakfast -fruit, pancakes and sausage.  Lunch - Taco Salad.  Supper - Chicken, baked potatoes, green beans and carrots and coleslaw.  Sunday brunch included fruit, toast, scrambled eggs, ham and hash browns.

The place where we did the crafting was situation under the General Store shown in the above picture.

I managed to finish up an item for a Christmas Exchange and worked on the following.

LHN's It's Snow Cold

MH - Star Crystal

I will be backing it with felt before I cut it out and add the the beaded hanger and tassel.

Knitted Dishcloth - Autumn's Country Quilt by Sue Schaefer http://www.harvestmoonupperroom.blogspot.com

All and all it was a fun and productive weekend shared with good friends.

Till next time, take care and happy stitching.

Thank you for visiting!!!!



  1. Lovely Orts and beautiful stitching xxx

  2. Wow, your retreat looks impressive! Snow was great but it take away that idea of western town I have in mind boiling under the sun :D You've been really busy. Well done, it all looks really nice!

  3. I love that crystal star. That weekend looks great fun, is that snow I see.........

  4. Great stitching. Your weekend looks like so much fun. What a neat place to go. I want to go spend a month there.


  5. Looks like a fun place to stay! Great progress on your projects too :)

  6. It sounds like a really fun weekend, and I think it was neat that there were all types of things being worked on.

    LindaLee from Cross’N My Stitches

  7. Love your MH Star Crystal! And your knitting is very pretty too! :)