Diane, you need to slow down!!!!

I love, love Diane Williams' Little House Needleworks designs. She became on of my favourite designers when I received my first LHN chart (Home of a Needleworker) in a Traditional Stitches SEP package several years back.

I don't have all of her designs, but I have purchased quite a number of her charts in the past few years.   I have all the ornament charts from 2010, 2011 and 2012 and still have about a year's worth still to stitch.  And I recently started the Little Sheep Virtues series (below is a picture of the first one and I am anxiously waiting for the second one.)

But now she has started another series - Hometown Holiday.   Even though I don't know when I will be able to start stitching it, I couldn't resist ordering the first chart and it is now on it's way to me.     There are just not enough hours in the day.  Either I need to start stitching 24/7 or Diane needs to slow down.   Alas, I need to work and sleep and I really don't want Diane to stop designing.

Happy Stitching!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. A great finish. I too love Diane's designs and probably have a year and halfs worth of ornaments to stitch up but will do eventually.

  2. Great finish on Hope, I have just started this one and look forward to doing the whole series :-)

  3. Ohhhh I love this series! On my wish list for sure! Congrats on the beautiful finish :)

  4. Congrats on the cute finish Loretta.


  5. Yes, she has so many patterns I want to stitch, too! Very cute finish!