Time to check-in!!!!

I don't know where the time has gone. All I know is that I haven't posted in quite awhile. Part of the reason for this is that I decided to do more exercising which has naturally eaten into my stitching time.  Not that I am complaining.  It was something I really needed to do.   The looooooooooooong winter was really getting to me and getting more active really lifted my mood.  Another benefit was to my left knee.  It was starting to give me pain and going up and down stairs was difficult but just after a week of using my stationary bike the pain had almost disappeared.

But now to my stitching.

I have managed a few small finishes.

Good Tidings © 2011 Little House Needleworks
Katie Kitty @ 2014 Brookes Books Publishing

St. Patrick's Day Cat © Lynn B (www.crossstitchingishappiness.blogspot.com)
and finally (an UFO from 2013).

 Little Sheep Virtues - Peace © 2013 Little House Needleworks

I missed the WIPocalypse check-in on April 15th so here is my laaaaaaaaaaaaate report.  As I mentioned above I finished the Little Sheep Virtue - Peace.  I still need to finish the back stitching on the 3rd Bear from Beary Merry Christmas and I made some progress on the Little Sheep Virtue - Simplicity.

I also pulled out a couple of UFOs from previous years and added a few more stitches to each.

It's Berry Time - Blackbird Designs - Loose Feathers Pattern 37

Home of a Needlework - Little House Needleworks

and I started on the 2nd part of Just Nan/Charland Designs - Side by Side.

Last month's Wipocalypse topic was How do you keep your stash organized?  The organization of my stash is currently a work in progress.   I have a craft room that I am currently reorganizing.   It is in a real upheaval right now so no pics.   I have 4 or 5 binders in which I keep all the freebies I have accumulated over the years, full size leaftlets are stored in plastic file boxes and small charts and kits are stored in basket.  I have other storage boxes with fabrics, ribbons and trims, buttons and charms.  Floss is either stored in floss boxes, plastic baggies or hanging on peg board.   When I have completed the reorganization I will post a pic.   Below is a pic of some of sorting that I had on my DR table before Easter.

Lastly here is the TUSAL report I missed on April 29th.  It is not as much as previous months but it is still something.

Well that is it for today.   I will try to make it back sooner.  Take care and happy stitching.

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  1. Wow, what a great catch-up post, lots of lovely stitching here.

    Your sheep are very cute and I like the BB's advent design too. I am still debating starting that series.

  2. WOah you've got tons of finishes! I love the Sheep Virtues series. So sweet :)