Day 14: DUCJC2015

Today I pulled out another Mill Hill Kit - Snowbells by Debbie Mumm - Jingle.

There are 5 'Snowbells'  in this series.  I currently have this one and Flurry.   I eventually would like to get them all.  I think they are adorable. 

I am pretty happy with my progress today.

Tomorrow I will be starting Flurry.

Take care and happy stitching!!!

Thank for visiting!!!!!!!!


  1. Love snow bells I may just buy one of these designs to stitch thanks for sharing hugs.

  2. What a pretty design. Lovely new start and great progress.
    love Annette

  3. I've always wanted to do these Mill Hill kits. Do they still have beading though? I can never seem to tell from the pictures I see online...