Day 8: DUCJC2015

Good evening!

It is Day 8 of the DUCJC2015 and my start today is Christmas Cookies by Country Cottage Needleworks.

I got a lot done on this one tonight because I stayed up later than usual. My DH went out for the evening and neither I or the dog will be able to sleep until he is home safe and sound (we are funny that way).

She patiently waits by the door while I stitch.  Even if I went to bed she wouldn't move until he was home.

Take care and happy stitching!!!!!!

Thank you for visiting!!!!



  1. That is so sweet! I hope that he is not too late home. Cute new start, too.

  2. Nice new project - and it's nearly done.

  3. You've almost finished! Love this one, so cute.

  4. Cute start and almost a finish.


  5. You got pretty far along on that one! I used to wait up for my husband, then he joined a board and has contentious meetings that go on forever. The dog and I go to bed. And actually the dog will put herself to bed if anyone is staying out too late. LOL. Still, she is a good guard dog and wakes up at the slightest noise.