Day 30: DUCJC2015

I don't recommend stitching while crying.  It makes it hard to see the holes in the fabric.

This evening I was watching the aftermath of the minibus crash on Coronation Street (one of my all time favourite shows) while stitching on the LHN Little Sheep Virtue - Faith. Well, being the person I am, who cries at the drop of a hat, it wasn't too long before my eyes were welling up in tears.  Although it was a bit of a struggle, I did manage to make a reasonable start on this project.

Tomorrow, my stitching time will be limited as I will be attending an all day seminar.   I am thinking about starting a little freebie from Happiness is Cross Stitching.    I love her cats.

Take care and happy stitching!!!

Thank you for visiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm a softie too and often have to put my stitching down, good work though :-)

  2. I have been known to sob while watching certain shows/movies....LOL and the stitching ends up in my lap until I'm over it. ooooo can't wait to see which freebie you are going to start...I am in love with her new January Cat.