Stitch from Stash 2015: February

Month: February
Spent: $80.43 CDN
Earned: $47.52 CDN ($38.00US)

I hang my head in shame Smiley - $80 really!!!!!

Thank goodness I had some carry over from last month and I managed to finish 4 freebies and 6 charts from my stash (purchased over 6 months ago).

$30 CDN (Budget) + $21.28 CDN (carried over from January) + $47.52 CDN (earned)- $80.43 CDN = $18.37 to carry over into March.

I purchased mostly threads - DMC, WDW, CC and GAST plus a couple of fabric cuts for 2 auto-ship charts - LHN's The Sampler Tree Ornament Series - "Oh Christmas Tree" (R&R Reproductions 32ct Winter Brew) and CCN's Classic Collection Ornaments - "Let Us Adore Him" (32 ct Belfast Linen - Natural/Raw Opalescent)

Most of the threads I purchased were for charts I already had in my stash (I know, I know!! I could always use DMC instead of hand-dyed but I like hand-dyed.!!!!!  Smiley  )  The one purchase I should have resisted was the five CC cotton threads in order to get the complimentary chart from LHN - Northpole  Express.  I saw this chart (finished) on  The Twisted Stitcher's (Vonna) blog  at the beginning of January and  immediately fell in love with it!!  Hopefully, I will do better next month.

One thing this challenge has done, is motivate me to look through my existing stash and pull out a few charts/kits that I have had for awhile and to start stitching them.   That was the reason I bought them in the first place.

The 4 Mill Hills I finished in January and February had been in my stash for years waiting to be completed.  Now they are done!!!

I also pulled out 3 PS annual Santas that I have been purchasing every year and started to stitch them.

Take care and happy stitching!!!

Thank you for visiting.


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  1. That certainly is a lot of finishing! Great stitching, congrats!