Stitching, Knitting, Reading and A New Mystery SAL

Well the 1st two days of my Stitching Schedule went well but on Wednesday I had a meeting and on Thursday and Friday I decided to finish up my piece for the Green Theme SAL (see previous post). I had to work on Saturday and went to the ballet in the evening (Romeo and Juliet) so I was only able to get some stitching done today. Below is a slideshow of my current WIPs. I resurrected a former PK Mystery SAL from 2005 - Glad Shamrocks - and am hoping to work on that one Friday evenings. I am also working on another Christmas ornament but it is for a Secret Santa Exchange so I won't say anymore about it.

Last year I joined the Whoduknit Yahoo! Group . This is a group for knitters who enjoy reading Mystery novels. Each month we are to read a suggested book and to create a knitted project based on one the characters or whatever strikes our fancy. To date I have only managed to read some of the books but never could come with anything to knit. However, this month we are currently reading Winter Study by Nevada Barr. When I saw that there was wolves in the story I decided to look for a pattern for a wolf. I found one here. I finished knitting the head up today and this is the result.Right now, he kind of looks like a mouse but I am hoping that by the time I attached the ears & body it will be more wolf-looking.

This morning I received a link to the current newsletter from Papillon Creations . She is starting a new Mystery SAL next week. (I must resist, I must resist, I must resist!!!!!!!!LOL )
I save all the parts from last year's SAL (How Does Your Garden Grow?) which I thought was quite pretty but never got around to starting it. This new one is called "Castles in the Air" and will cost £1 (about $1.40 US/$1.80 CDN) to join. It will be in 24 parts released monthly. I love Mystery SALs and will probably join in. Now I just have to find the time to actually stitch it.

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  1. I love the Shamrock SAL...I love the the border! Great job on your stitching.