More Christmas Goodies!!!

I had a wonderful day today - stitching, decorating and making more Christmas goodies.

Last Sunday I made my Christstollen.

And today I made Molasses Cookies (my DH likes these):

and some Marble Almond Bar.

I currently baking Artisan Semolina Buns for Christmas Eve. (I will be freezing them.) And I am trying to decide whether or not to make the Shortbread tonight or tomorrow.  I will let you what I decided tomorrow.   

My main tree in the living room is almost finished.  My DH still has to put the Angel on top (he said he would do it tomorrow - the procrastinator!!!) and I think there are still a few ornaments that I haven't brought up from the basement.  I will post a pic when it is all finished. 

I have three of my ornaments ready to ornamentify (I love this "new" word :) - I have seen it used a couple of times this week).  The Different Drummer just needs some backstitching and beading to be done and then that one will be done too.   I will post some pics tomorrow.

Well that is it for now!  Take care and happy stitching!!!!!



  1. Your baked goods look so delicious!!! I will be baking some gumdrop bread tomorrow or Monday. Blessings, Shirlee

  2. The Almond Marble Bar looks delicious! I'm a Hermit, stitching away this weekend. Would you share your recipe for the Almond Marble Bar? Merry Christmas, Loretta.

  3. wowwwwwwwwwww they all looking so yummyyyyyyyyyy
    thank you for sharing xx

  4. those cookies look delicious!!! :D And the almond bar... yummy yummy!! :p I wish I could grab a piece from the picture!! ehehhehe
    "ready to ornamentify" hahah i'm taking that for my dictionary too ;) LOL
    enjoy your cooking!! and stitching! :D